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Aquarium plants - Polka dot plant

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Africa amazon sword
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Albida Crypt
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Baby tears
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Creeping burrhead
Creeping jenny
Creeping rush
Crypt siamensis
Cryptocoryne legroi
Dentated water hyssop
Dragons tongue, Waffle plant
Dwarf Baby Tears
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Dwarf Fountain Grass
Dwarf Rotala
Dwarf rush
Dwarf sagittaria
Dwarf sagittaria
Dwarf Spikerush
Eared watermoss
Eel grass
Erect moss
European waterclover
Fissidens Moss
Flame moss
Flamingo Cryptocoryne
Floating crinum
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forked fanwort
Four leaves clover
Fringed Water-lily
Giant ambulia
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Green Myriophyllum
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Herpestis monnieria
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Hot pepper sword
Hygroryza aristata
Chameleon plant
Cherry leaf
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Inpai sword
Jacobsen Cryptocoryne
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Java fern windelov
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Justicia schimperi
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Leopard sword
Lingua Crypt
Long stem waterwort
Lucens light
Lutea Crypt
Madagascar lace plant
Madagascar laceplant
Malinverni´s quillwort
Marble queen radican
marsh mermaidweed
Mexican oak leaf
Micro crypt
Mini amazon sword
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Miramar weed (variabilis)
Moehlmannii Crypt
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Polka dot plant
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Red Hygrophila
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Senegal tea plant (Temple plant)
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Spade Leaf
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Spotless watermeal
Sprouting spikerush
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Streamside leptodictyum moss
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Tiger lotus red
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Whorly rotala
Willisii crypt
Willow moss
Willow moss
Willow Moss
Yellow iris
Zipper moss

Hypoestes phyllostachya
Common name: Polka dot plant

Height: under 50 cm (19.69 inch)
Lightning: 0,50 wats/litre (1.89 wats/gal)
Temperature: 20 °C (68 °F) - 25 °C (77 °F)
pH tolerance: 5 - 6
Utilization of the plant: paludarium

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Quick overview:

EN: Polka dot plant
LAT: Hypoestes phyllostachya
Family: Acanthaceae

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added: 23rd Dec 2007
updated: 5th Sep 2009
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plant added by: Martin
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